Blast off into Spaaaace!

Space Pilots in Spaaaace! is a Live Action Sci-Fi Radio Play that is fully transportable and site-responsive. The 60-minute production blends movement, text, comedy and poignance into a holistically entertaining and thought-provoking experience. 


Buckle Up

Space Pilots in Spaaaace! is an interactive performance piece which follows Captain Jerusa Day and her motley crew of space astronauts as they try to carry out their mission on the mysterious planet Caldus Fornax.  Professional actors, acrobats, and dancers perform as the crew, planet, spaceship, aliens, and other characters.

13th floor-Space Pilots in Spaaaace!_landscape photo by Bob Eptsien.jpg

Live On The Airwaves

Using our FM radio transmitter, Space Pilots in Spaaaace!!! Is broadcast to real FM radios for a genuine vintage-meets-post-modern listening experience! This allows the performance to move through different parts of the environment easily.

Seven quirky military misfits are assigned a dangerous space mission, as punishment for infractions against the current government.  Forced to communicate via ancient radio wave technology when their voices are literally silenced, Captain Jerusa Day and her crew crash-land on a seemingly hostile planet. But a series of misadventures with Argasian stardust, accidental interspecies reproduction, and a search for an alternate fuel source uncover the possibility of saving a dying world.  Funny, thoughtful and action-packed, Space Pilots in Spaaaace! Presents an off-kilter yet hopeful look at humanity’s future.

Imagine a game of Spaceteam with your friends, played on the set of Galaxy Quest, with the nostalgic feeling of Windows 95’s Space Cadet Pinball, all wrapped up in an immersive theater experience both hilariously clever and refreshingly witty. That’s the experience of Space Pilots in SPAAAACE, and it will delight and entertain you thanks in no small part to the immense physicality and dedication of the crew.
— Faruk Ates, Love First LLC