We'll put your name on a Star(ship)

The Kobayashi Maru. The Starks and the Lannisters. Arrakis, Gallifrey, the Millennium Falcon.

Ever wonder how sci-fi and fantasy writers come up with names for the planets, people, creatures and starships inhabiting their imaginary worlds? 

Want to give someone a really unique holiday gift and support local theater at the same time?

Send us your name - or a friend or family member's - by December 31, and we’ll write it into our upcoming show, Space Pilots in Spaaaace!/A Live Action Sci-Fi Radio Play.  It could appear as the moniker on a spaceship, a planet, or a character. Perhaps a floating city, a multi-tentacled monster, or a space-port patch on a character’s uniform. If you come to the performances Feb 2-10, 2018 at Joe Goode Annex, you’ll have the added fun of finding your name in space.  

All we ask in return is a (tax-deductible!) donation of any amount to 13th Floor.  Help support our crew of artists and keep the fires burning in our spaceship’s imagination engine.  Hit the button below, enter your donation amount, and type the name you'd like us to use in the "memo" section.  That name will appear in the show!

If you give $100 or more, you also get a super-cute 13th Floor T-Shirt!

T Shirt front

T Shirt front


Other ways you can help:

Volunteer!  email info@13thfloortheater.org to find out how you can help.

T Shirt Back

T Shirt Back

Make an in-kind donation - we're often in need of miscellaneous odds and ends for sets, costumes, and props.  Before you give away that old typewriter or beautiful vintage dress, check with us!  info@13thfloortheater.org

Come to the shows - bring a friend, spread the word!